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Hellenic Society at Baylor University Gives Back

Working Toward a Brighter Future

The Greco-Texans of Baylor University 



Founded in 2023, the Hellenic Society at Baylor University is a student-founded organization that seeks to promote and uphold Greek heritage and ideals in the Baylor University Community and the Lone Star state of  Texas.  


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All the Latest

Hellenic Society at Baylor University to Offer Free Weekly Modern Greek Lessons  

The Hellenic Society at Baylor University has taken the initiative to promote the values of Hellenism by providing Modern Greek Languages free for the Baylor Community. 

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Hellenic Society at Baylor University

While it may be shocking to many, Waco and more specifically Baylor University has a vibrant population of Greek-descended students. The Society founded by Dimitrios Gkinis along with other passionate Greeks who spread and uphold the Greek Heritage and Spirit.  

The story of the Greeks in Texas, or Greco-Texans hails from the early 19th century. Sailors, merchants and businessmen arrived on the shores of Galveston from Greece and settled throughout the Lone Star State. The stories of Captain Nicholas of Galveston and the two Serates brothers serve as a reminder of the long Greco-Texan Story. 

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